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Lilly Willow

Willow is just 2 days old on this picture. Precious baby!

© Victorious White Shepherds

Willow is 2 weeks old.

© Victorious White Shepherds

© Victorious White Shepherds

Willow is 4 weeks old. Simply a doll!

© Victorious White Shepherds

Willow is 7 weeks old - interacting with kids.

Willow at 8 weeks old on the photos above - first week with her new family.

“Honestly, she is just so wonderful. She sits like a pro, comes 90% of the time when she is off leash even if she is interested in something or the other. I am starting to teach ‘down’ today and she is so receptive. She really wants to be with me. She is growing like a weed! Eating well, taking her vitamins and joint supplement, loves it like a special treat! Potty training is going well. Only 2 poops in the house since she came home. Pee is a little harder, but not too many problems. She goes every time I take her to the spot, even it is only a few drops. What a girl.” - Lorraine

Willow is 6 months old.

What a beautiful young lady she is becoming.

8 months - running in the snow.

Willow playing with her friends.

“She is such a joy in our lives. One time you told me Faith was a soul mate to you. That is the way I feel about Willow.

I adore my pugs and cannot think of life without them. But there is a special connection with Willow that I can't put into words.” - Lorraine

Willow at 11 and a half months old.

Doing a homework?

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